DJI launches an FPV drone for the general public and opens the doors to a world as fascinating as it is strange. - Drone Emotion

DJI launches an FPV drone for the general public and opens the doors to a world as fascinating as it is strange.

On Wednesday, February 24th, the DJI brand announced the arrival of a new drone on the market on March 2nd. There are many indications that the long-awaited FPV UAV will make its debut in the DJI range.

An FPV teaser?

In the announcement video relayed by DJI on its social networks, we can see images taken by DJI’s future drone. Given the style of the shots, there are strong reasons to believe that the drone in question is the Dji FPV. The shooting is dynamic, the image is fast and unstabilized. In addition, we can see the silhouette of the drone in images posted by the brand on their social networks.

DJI’s FPV drone (by immersion piloting) is now arriving in stores with the aim of democratizing (at over 1,300 euros, all the same) a leisure experience hitherto reserved for a few initiates. Before we can test it, here are its main characteristics, and our feelings about an object that draws a world straight out of a video game.

Is this the world that is taking shape?

By releasing today his first FPV drone for the general public (FPV, for “first person view” or immersion piloting), the Chinese DJI, one of the world leaders of the genre, unveils an object of a rare technicality, but also makes us touch a strange world, where virtual and real merge happily, where geeks that we imagined to be reclusive in a dark room come out into the open, a world where our future family walks in Colorado may look like this:

DJI launches an FPV drone for the general public and opens the doors to a world as fascinating as it is strange. - Drone Emotion


An FPV DJI, not so FPV…

According to the YouTubeur Tech, specialized in the world of the drone, OriginaldoBo, the DJI FPV would not be for FPV enthusiasts. Indeed, he claims to have had the drone in his hands and to have taken “bad habits” of piloting. The drone would thus be full of help such as the “Back Home”. In addition, he compares the launch of DJI in the FPV UAV to the launch of the brand in the leisure UAV. At the time, DJI had greatly simplified access to piloting, with digital stabilization of the UAV or camera stabilization using a “Gimbal”.
What’s more, today’s FPV drones are DIY drones that have to be built on their own, which is not the case with DJI’s future drone.

The DJI FPV UAV would therefore be similar to an FPV UAV for the general public in terms of use.

The characteristics of the Ji FPV would have leaked!

Leaks concerning a photograph of the drone’s manual would reveal all its technical characteristics:

  • A 4K 60FPS camera of 1/2.3 inches and 12mpx
  • A LiPo Lithium battery of 2000mAh and 22.2 Volts
  • An autonomy of 21 minutes
  • A range of 6 to 10Km
  • A GPS with the option ” Return Home “.
  • A two-axis camera stabilizer
  • A maximum speed of 100Km/H
  • A 795g drone
  • A radio control of 346g
  • 420g FPV flight goggles
  • A video return in the FPV glasses in 720p 120FPS

Several prices, depending on the configuration, would also have been leaked by Amazon :

  • $730 for the Dji FPV and the Dji Remote Controller V2 only
  • $580 for Dji Goggles V2 flight goggles only
  • $1300 for the Dji FPV Combo pack (with drone, radio control, goggles and a battery)
  • $1650 for the Fly More Combo FPV Dji pack (with three extra batteries)

The YouTubeur Tech Ken Heron also affirms the compatibility of the Dji FPV drone with the Dji Goggles V1 glasses released in 2019.

Even if all the rumors have not been confirmed by Dji, there is a good chance that they are mostly true. Such a leak had already taken place before the release last October of the Dji Mini 2, the Dji’s entry-level drone.

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